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Italian Delicacies and Food for gourmets

Welcome to the marketplace that puts lovers of good food in contact with small, top quality producers of Italian delicacies who have chosen so that they can be present in your country.
Four different producers at a time every month!
You can purchase carefully selected products from people that make them in the traditional way, directly from this website and without any intermediaries. These small companies (appreciated in Italy by chefs, food enthusiasts and gourmets) will ship their products to you once a week.

Pasta D’Alba – Organic and Gluten-Free Pasta

Pasta D’Alba produces “Organic pasta” and with only certified ingredients from organic farming. A research of the best ingredient drove this producer to usa OGM free ingredients only, and now a new structure houses the laboratory for the production of organic pasta and a new laboratory dedicated to gluten-free products.
These products will be available till the 10th September 2017.
Shipping in:
United Kingdom / Ireland / Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark / Sweden

Giraudo Farmahouse – Saffron producer

“Zafferano di Cuneo” takes origin from a precious cultivation of Saffron produced by the Giraudo family-run farmhouse. Many years ago the owners, thanks to their passion to travel around the world, decided to dedicate a specific area to cultivate this spice and through the years the brand has become renowned. This small business produces only top quality saffron, that everyday many chefs… and many gourmets appreciate.
These products are available till the the 10th September 2017.
Shipping in: United Kingdom / Ireland / Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark / Sweden

Acetaia Ferretti Corradini – Balsamic Vinegar producer

The production of balsamic vinegar is a family tradition started about one hundred years ago and has been handed down from generation to generation. From the best grapes the must is worked and aged to become condiment and refined for years in fine barrels until it becomes balsamic vinegar. The wood the barrels are made with, the producer’s ability and the time (the vinegar is aged by a minimum of 12 years to 25/30 years and more) are the secret of this ancient art.
These products are available till the the 10th September 2017.
Shipping in: United Kingdom / Ireland / Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark / Sweden

Tenuta Ronzano – Fresh truffles

The company belongs to a family of truffle pickers that currently runs all the activities. Thanks to the excellent quality of their White Truffles of Alba and Black summer Truffles, this small company participates to the most important international trade fairs. Ronzano have chosen to be a partner of Italian Food Joy with the best fresh truffles that are shipped 2-3 days, after harvest.
These products are available till the 10th September 2017.
Shipping in UK, IR, S, DK, NL, BE.

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logofacebook presents itself to the public with timed store windows, lasting 21/35 days, dedicated to each individual producer. The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan companies: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. During the year, all the best Italian food products are proposed on a rotational basis.
Here you can find the best organic ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style:
Pasta made with traditional ingredients (gluten-free), good for all occasions, such as tagliatelle, fusilli, penne, spaghetti, farafalle, fettuccine, dumplings, but also stuffed fresh pasta, such as ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti, agnolotti.
– The best Italian rice and a world of recipes.
Italian Extra virgin olive oil and first quality olives, to give an exclusive touch in every dish you’re going to prepare
Italian Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, with aging from 12 to 48 months.
– Many Italian seasonings, jams and Italian products made with Bio vegetables (peppers, aubergines, garlic,vinegar, compotes, fruit juices, and more), ideal for vegetarians and vegans too.
– Our Italian cheese selection, that is a tasty path through the Italian hills and mountains, with special Italian butters and refined cheese in many varieties.
Italian  Honey, which has been selected to offer something different from what you can usually find on the market .
– The Italian saffron, a precious friend to cook offering an exotic flavour.
Italian Ham,Italian  salami, Italian cold cuts, cured meats leading us to delicious appetizers and snacks.
Italian Black and white truffles, fresh jewels found under the ground just for you.
Italian Sweets, such as hazelnut baked cakes and the best chocolate, that will make you feel like a king or a queen.
All these delicacies give us the possibility to close our trip in this wonderful world, saying simply:”See you on Italian Food Joy!”.