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Aims – A marketplace devoted to Italian foods

What do really know people about Italian food?


The majority of people rush around in their daily life, buying industrial food products on supermarket shelves, it’s unlikely they have time to choose what meals they bring to the table.

One of our aims is to deliver to your doorstep a variety of the best Italian deli, leaving you the pleasure of tasting them.
We believe that eating High level Italian   foods is of paramount importance, knowing how and by whom the food products we propose are produced is part of the Italian way of life.

On our website, you will find products that are present in the finest Italian delicatessens and those that have been served in quality restaurants by renowned chefs in their Italian dishes. We consider these to be little, perfectly shareable luxuries for the palate that you can buy online and will be delivered directly to your door, like you are searching on line “Italian deli near me”.

We have shortened the supply chain by eliminating wholesalers, importers and distributors; we have shared this distribution model with our partners who have chosen to present themselves abroad through .
In this way, we give small Italian food industries, whose specialities are available in limited quantities, the opportunity to be appreciated also by you.

Our aims are:

  • to give you a choice of carefully selected and genuine foods, produced according to ancient recipes
  • to introduce you to top quality Italian manufacturers
  • to provide a website that is simple and easy to use but also dynamic and interesting
  • to provide you with full information about the products and the producers
  • to listen to your suggestions so that we can improve our service
  • to share with the producers information about what they can offer you according to what foods are in season
  • to stand out for the quality of service offered
  • in a few words, give you the possibilty to buy the best Italian foods to cook and taste the best Italian dishes such as pasta, appetizers, and the best Italian recipes with cheese and cured meat, balsamic vinegar, and more…

… and finally, will we succeed in turning those of you who are not, into true gourmands?