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Whoever loves Italian products is always looking for new recipes and new ingredients, because cooking means also offering your friends your creations, dishes, cakes, snaks and more. Many of our clients love to prepare special dinners in some occasions like anniversaries, feasts, celebrations,etc. They often look for products that seems unavailable or very hard to find, but writing us …… They can get some suggestions or original product too.
The quality of our foods is uncomparable, that’s why some people ask us to prepare their special shipping whith “this kind of cheese”, “that tipe of pasta”, a special variety of rice or a super truffle picked the day before!!!
So, don’t hesitate to ask, maybe we have what you’re looking for, otherwise we’ll answer that the orduct is out of seoason (we have just small productions seller in our marketplace). Sometimes we’re not able to satisfy your request, anyway, if possible, we try to help our visitors and customers. And don’t forget to subscribe the newsletter, we send just 5 or 6 issues per year becouse we hate spammers, but you’ll receive good news and some bonus code to enjoy our foods.


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Italbees di Giorgio Barbero
Via Pigafetta 61, 10129 Torino (TO), Italy