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How do I register and Login?

At the end of the purchase process on , filling the form, you will provide us all the data we need to be able to deliver your orders.
Hereafter you will be able to directly login using  the “Log in” link located in the top right hand corner of the screen on the home page.

How do I place an order?

All you need to do is to browse through the products you wish to purchase. You will find these in the Producers’ two product display pages: the first contains a more complete product and hamper range, while the second one is dedicated to specialities with a limited availability because they are linked for example to a particular season or are produced in small quantities and are therefore much sought after, in this case the maximum quantity that can be purchased is often notified in advance.

To purchase a product or a hamper you must click on “Buy Now“; in this way the product will be added to the “Cart“.

Please note that you can purchase ONLY products from the same producer in the same order, if you mix products from different producer the cart will reset itself keeping the last one. If you need to purchase products from different producers, you will have to make different orders.

When you have finished selecting your products, click on “Proceed to Checkout“.
To proceed with your purchase, you need to fill the registration form, inserting the billing and the delivery address, or, if you already have an account, just log in.

Click on “Proceed to Paypal” to complete the order, please note that you will be redirected to PayPal website where you will be able to pay and confirm  the order.

How long does it take to process my order?

Confirmation of receipt of order is transmitted to the e-mail address indicated during the process phase of the order.  is a marketplace and the Producers that have chosen to work with our distribution system notify in advance the order closing dates and the dates of shipment on their product display page.

Example 1 : The goods are put on sale for 7 days from 01/05  al 06/05. The order is processed by 08/05, which is the date the products are shipped. If the goods are purchased, the product display page indicates that the goods will be shipped on 08/05 via express courier and the delivery times.

Example 2 : The goods are put on sale for 21 days from 01/05  al 20/05. The orders are processed on 08/05, 15/05, 21/05, the actual dates the products are shipped. If the goods are purchased, the product display page indicates that the goods will be shipped on these three dates via express courier and the delivery times.

All the goods are shipped at the beginning of the week on Monday or Tuesday to allow the courier to deliver the goods, depending on the type of goods being shipped, as quickly as possible.

What are the payment methods? has chosen to use PayPal as the sole method of payment deemed safe and quick: if you have a PayPal account, your credit card number or bank account number is encrypted and protected so you can pay online by simply giving your e-mail address and your PayPal password.

If I don’t have a PayPal account?

The PayPal account is a virtual account that can be activated online, and it needs to be associated with a current bank account or credit card in order to use it to make payments. Further information is available on

What are the shipping times and costs?

As we are dealing with delicacies that need to preserve their fragrances and flavours until they reach your table, the delivery times will vary depending on the type of product. For example, a mature or dry product will be delivered within 48/72 hours from shipment, which will be less expensive compared to a fresh product that needs to be delivered within 12/24 hours and wrapped in special packaging or kept at a controlled temperature. For this reason, we suggest you carefully read the product descriptions that provide information on how the delicacies need to be preserved.

The costs of shipment varies depending on the following factors:

– weight

– footprint

– country where the goods are shipped

– type of transport

– delivery time

– type of packaging

– insurance costs

For these reasons the shipment cost indicated may vary considerably depending on the product and is decided together with the Producer, whose main interest is for you to appreciate the product.

What happens if there is no one at home at the time of delivery?

The courier will attempt the first delivery without prior notice. In the absence of the customer, it is possible to make arrangements within 24 hours for a subsequent delivery. If you think you will not be present for the delivery, we suggest you make arrangements with a person of your choice (next door neighbour, shop nearby, etc.) to pick up the package or arrange the delivery at another address that ensures the presence of a person of your choice. In their interest, the Producers will take great care in packing the goods to be shipped to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition. Next-day deliveries of fresh products could compromise the goods. In this case it is the responsibility of the customer to promptly collect the goods.

What do I do if the package contains incorrect or damaged products?

Take a photo of the package and send a complaint via e-mail, then fill out the form present in the package, call the courier and hand over the package.
For more information: visit the section “Returns and Refunds” at the bottom of the screen on the home page.