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Assortment of chocolate delicacies

Cioccolateria Croci
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Code: Hamper-DL01-C
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Hamper DL01-C “Assortment of chocolate delicacies” comprises:

  • 500 g Assorted chocolates
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5 Hamper-DL01-C-5 € 228

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PREFERITI with Pecetto cherries
The preparation of the Preferiti begins with the harvest of durone cherries, a variety of cherry that matures in June on the hills of Pecetto, near Turin.
The fruits are seeded by hand one by one and infused in spirit with the regular addition of alcohol: this ensures that the cherries will maintain their texture over time. When the cold weather arrives, the cherries are glazed in fondant and rolled in chocolate.
The sugar casing will dissolve in alcohol in a few days, allowing to fully savour the aroma of the spirit- infused cherry and the very fine chocolate with which it is enrobed.
This traditional Piedmontese speciality becomes a unique “Favourite” chocolate.

CASTAGNE with purée of chestnuts from the Susa Valley
The Castagne are the classic chocolates made using a mould.
Melted chocolate is poured into chestnut-shaped moulds and the chestnut purée is then placed in the casing.
As a finishing touch, the chocolate is flattened and sealed.

LIQUORINI with a liqueur heart
Just imagine savouring the liqueur in a chocolate glass.  The virtue of Croci’s Liquorini chocolates lies in the production phases which are strictly carried out by hand, as passed down by Gualtiero Croci.
The shape of the chocolate is given by using cornflower casings into which the blend of liqueur and sugar is poured. Once the crisp thin film has been formed, these liqueur hearts are enrobed in a thin layer of dark chocolate.
Grappa, whisky, limoncello, nocino (walnut liqueur), absinthe and myrtle are just a few of the many liqueurs used to satisfy the most demanding palates.

RICCI made with almond paste
An almond heart.
This is where the preparation of this chocolate begins: Sicilian almonds are grounded and processed by hand and mixed with sugar according to the Croci recipe, which uses less sugar compared to those industrially made, and contains no flour.
The paste is divided into small “gnocchi” (dumplings), then dipped in melted dark chocolate and garnished with tiny chocolate sprinkles.

BOMBI made with zabajone
These Bombi chocolates are pure energy.
They are made using the traditional recipe of Turin’s “Sambayon” made with eggs, sugar and Marsala wine placed in a dark or milk chocolate shell.
A moment to savour this chocolate recharges your battery any time of the day.

TRIS with Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from the Langhe region

The Tris chocolate has a crisp centre thanks to the Tonda Gentile hazelnut, an excellence of the Langhe region.
The hazelnuts are first toasted and then rolled in honey, which once divided into groups of three, helps to keep them together when they are dipped in melted chocolate: a perfect pairing with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

ALPINI with mountain Grappa
A thin fluted case of chocolate encapsulates a cream heart made of dark chocolate and sugar syrup mixed with mountain grappa.
A recipe that blends the flavours of alpine herbs with the intensity of chocolate.
For those who love strong-flavoured chocolates, the Alpini offer an intense sensation.

ARANCINI with candied orange
The Arancini are the result of a process that begins from the selection of the oranges, usually the “navel” variety originating from Calabria and Sicily. Small strips of rind are plunged into a concentrated sugary solution.
After ten days they are perfectly candied, ready to be covered in delicate dark chocolate.
This is one of the most appreciated chocolates made by Croci in terms of aromatic and gustatory qualities.

TARTUFI with rum
The Tartufi are classic chocolates produced in the Croci workshop, based on a special recipe that requires manual expertise and a long process to obtain the typical crumbly texture.
The paste made with pure cocoa, cocoa butter and rum is blended by hand and each portion is delicately moulded in the shape of an irregular tuber, which is then covered with very fine dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.
Like real truffles, it is impossible to find two alike.

NOCI AND MEZZE NOCI with hazelnut paste or toasted hazelnuts
The dark chocolate shell unveils a hazelnut cream heart, made of chopped Langhe hazelnuts and gianduja chocolate, which is the result of skilful workmanship.
The whole hazelnut in the Mezze Noci, is specially selected for its toasting suitability, and expresses all its flavour when blended with the aroma of chocolate.

CREMINI with milk and rum cream or orange and lemon cream
An authentic treat, the Cremini are one of the many original recipes created in the Croci workshop.
The process begins with the preparation of the creams where the ingredients are carefully proportioned.
Once the melted milk or dark chocolate has been poured into the moulds, the cream is placed inside each single chocolate and then sealed with a layer of chocolate.

FANTASIA AND MARGHERITE with pure fine chocolate
For those who love the taste of pure chocolate, Fantasia and Margherite express the best quality cocoa in the world. Originating mainly from the Ivory Coast, Venezuela and Ecuador, cocoa is roasted using cutting-edge methods that safeguard the organoleptic properties.
The production process ensures the excellent quality of the raw material, which does not require additional aromas in the final processing phase of the chocolates.

QUADRIFOGLI with Strega liqueur cream
Among the filled chocolates, the highly esteemed Triangoli and the Quadrifogli call to mind a taste dating back to the city of Turin at the end of the 1800s: that of Strega, the saffron-yellow after-dinner liqueur which originates from Benevento and contains a distillate of over 70 aromatic herbs.
Croci proposes two versions: milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

TAGLIATI with hazelnut, nougat or coffee cream
The Tagliati are a typical product of Croci’s workshop.
Croci offers both the classic recipe that has several layers of hazelnut cream, and an original interpretation that combines hazelnut with nougat and hazelnut with coffee.

SPEZIATI with oriental spices
The Speziati are the result of recent research carried out in the Croci workshop.
Each spice selected is combined into the mixture with dark chocolate and is then sprinkled over the chocolate as a final touch.
Each spice has a different bouquet of fragrances that is more or less intense yet always unexpected.
The spices used are: Cinnamon, Chilli Pepper, Curry, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom, Tandoori.


Chocolate – Assorted chocolates
Designation: Praline al cioccolato
Net quantity: 500 g
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa dought, cocoa butter, milk powder, Piedmont hazelnuts, Cherry liqueur, candied orange peel, chestnut paste, eggs, Marsala wine, almonds, Glucose, Alcohol, Coffee, Honey, Natural Vanilla flavor, E160a-E150a.
Emulsifier: soy lecithin.
Special storage conditions: Store in a fresh and dry place, away from direct light.
Produced and packaged by: Bruno Croci, Via Principessa Clotilde 6/A 10144 Torino
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see label
Shelf life: see label
Allergenic ingredients: milk, eggs, hazelnuts, almonds and soy lecithin

Nutrition facts
Average nutritional values x 100g:
Energy: 482 Kcal/ 2017 KJ
Fat: 29.6 g of which saturated: 15.1 g
Carbohydrate: 48.0 g of which sugar: 46.0 g
Protein: 4.69 g Salt: 0.0443 g

Croci’s Choccolate Shop

The workshop was founded by Gualtiero Croci and his wife Rosa in 1930 in Turin in Via Principessa Clotilde 6/A. Today the small workshop still produces and sells its chocolate products. The company, founded as a confectionery and pastry shop, bases its production on the quality and authenticity of its products.

In the fifties Bruno Croci, the current owner, begins working alongside his father. Thanks to what he learnt from his father, Bruno is able to follow in the family tradition. After a number of years, Bruno Croci decides to focus exclusively on the production of pralines and chocolate Easter eggs.

Currently, Federica and Guido Croci, grandchildren of the founder, work in the company. They are continuing in the family tradition by putting into practice the lessons handed down by their father and grandfather in the continuous search for quality and authenticity, as well as finding new ways to combine chocolate with spices such as cinnamon, chilli pepper, curry, tandoori, ginger and turmeric.

All the products of “Cioccolateria Croci” do not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa butter. Even the praline fillings do not contain vegetable fats, except for cocoa butter, not even cream or butter, as they are made with sugar and glucose syrup. When hazelnuts are required in the recipe, only the Tonda Gentile  hazelnut from the Langhe region is used, purchased whole and toasted.

The uniqueness of the Croci chocolates is immediately appreciated: the fragrance of the chocolate and of all the fillings heightens the pleasure even before tasting them, thanks to the care taken in producing every single chocolate. All the production phases are carried out manually and the methods used have remained the same since the beginning of the XX century, as handed down by Gualtiero Croci, in order to obtain the same quality.

The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan companies: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. Here you can find the best ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style such as Chocolates and pralines.logo










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