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Bianco Sottobosco with truffle

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Seller: Caseificio La Bottera


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Product FO002-H:  “ Bianco Sottobosco with truffle” contains: 

  • 500 g Bianco Sottobosco, cheese with truffle pieces
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BIANCO SOTTOBOSCO (White soft cheese with black truffle)  
Created for themore refined palates, Bianco Sottobosco is truly a special cheese that, in one bright and crumbly mixture, contains delicate and harmonious notes and jealously guards’ large pieces of black truffles.
The aging process is most important and occurs in a cool tuff cantina where the ideal constant temperature is maintained not artificially, but by thick stone walls. During the aging process, the distinct aroma of the truffles emerges and only when the cheese is fully impregnated with this scent is it ready. When it’s ready to be tasted, each small size weighs around 0.5 kg and the large one 1 kg.
Beyond being delicious, Bianco Sottobosco also has important nutritional characteristics: it is easy to digest, rich in protein with high levels of calcium, phosphates and vitamins A and E.

Cheese – Bianco Sottobosco, cheese with truffle pieces
Designation: Bianco Sottobosco con pezzi di tartufo
Net quantity:   500 g
Ingredients: goat and cow’s milk, Truffle pieces, salt, rennet.
Special conditions of storage and / or use: store in a cool place, temperature +4°/+8 °C
Produced and packaged by: Caseificio LA BOTTERA Via Boetti 93 – Fraz. Riforano,  MOROZZO (CN)
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Allergenic ingredients : milk

Nutrition facts
Average values per 100 g
Energy   1551 kJ / 374 kcal
Fats  31 g
of which saturated   19,5 g
Carbohydrates  0,5 g
of which sugars  0 g
Proteins  23,2 g
Salt 0,4 g

La Bottera – Ingredients in more languages

Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper FO002-A , selecting the tab “Production”.


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