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Black truffle for a dinner with friends

Tenuta Ronzano
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Code: Hamper-TA01-D
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Hamper TA01-D   “Black truffle for a dinner with friends”  comprises:

  • 100 g Fresh black truffle  from Alba (Tuber aestivum)
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1 Hamper-TA01-D-1 € 190
2 Hamper-TA01-D-2 € 360
3 Hamper-TA01-D -3 € 530

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TUBER  AESTIVUM  VITTAD  (Summer Black truffle, “Scorzone”) from Alba

It matures from June to November, and has elliptical and dark spores, warty black rind, its pulp can be from yellowish to bronze and emanates a faint scent.

This is one of the most used truffles from chefs because is cheaper and easier to find, if compared with the white truffle. Pasta, eggs and simple ingredients are good partners for this summer black “pearl”. The area of Langhe is renowned for its excellent quality truffles. White truffle will be available in autumn and winter.


Black truffle – Tuber aestivum
Designation: Tartufo nero estivo – Tuber aestivum Vittad
Common name: Tartufo nero estivo, Scorzone
Net quantity: 100 g
Classification: category I
Special conditions of storage and / or use: Store in a fresh and dry place, protected from direct light.
Produced/picked up and packaged by: Tenuta Ronzano -Via Asti Nizza 111, 14055 Costigliole d’Asti (AT)
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy Zone of Origin: Alba (CN) Production lot: see on the label
Preparation day: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Producer code: see on the label
Other information: Truffle picked up within 12 hours before the packaging.
Allergenic ingredients: none.

Nutritional values Average x 100g:
(values can slightly change in each truffle or its part )
Energy: Kcal 32 – Kj 134
Protein: 4,0 g
Carbohydrate: 7,5 g
Fat: 1,7g

Tenuta Ronzano

Wine, Black and White Truffles, Piedmontese cattle: the pearls of Ronzano.

There are farms that tie their name to the history of a specific area, thanks to their dedication to the land and their passion for tradition. The Ronzano family is all of this: genuine, professional, cohesive, and protagonist of those hills that characterise the area of Costigliole d’Asti. The pages of history of the farm describe Bricco Lu situated in the Cioccaro valley, a territory that has been cultivated and respected by the founder, Renato Ronzano, since the 1940s, producing over the years, quality wines which are the result of the meticulous work carried out in both the vineyard and the cellar. Thanks to the help of his son Giovanni, the wine in bulk and in bottles is able to share the story of the Langa Astigiana region with its customers. A world that also Marco (wine-making expert), Paola and Chiara, the son and daughters of Giovanni, are able to continue: the respect for the grapes as the fruit of the land, the link with tradition and the pursuit of sound quality are very clear in their work. The Ronzano farm continues to work in the name of the family bond that has always characterised this company.

THE VINEYARDS: RESPECT. “Respect”, a word that the Ronzano farm are very familiar with and is reflected in the fact that the vineyards have always been owned by the family. These vineyards develop along the hill next to the winery in Costigliole d’Asti where mostly Barbera wine grape, symbol of the Province of Asti, is cultivated. There are also hectares in the Municipality of Neive where Moscato and Nebbiolo wine grape are grown. Completing the production are Dolcetto, Bonarda, Grignolino and Cortese.

PIEDMONTESE CATTLE: QUALITY MEAT. Over the years, Giovanni Ronzano’s passion for breeding has led the Ronzano farm to offer Coalvi certified Piedmontese cattle. A quality meat obtained from cattle that grow in the area, for those who wish to consume healthy and nutritious food. Three hundred head of cattle, a butcher’s shop open to the public and a lot of sacrifice. This too means being close to the Asti Langa territory.

THE WHITE TRUFFLE: A PRECIOUS FRUIT. Ronzano, a historical name of the fascinating world of truffles that can be defined as the precious fruit of the land. The white truffle of Alba has always been present in the family, that has been able to promote it as part of the territory and as a witness of the Langa tradition. The truffle closes the circle of life of the Ronzano family which, among its wine cultivation, cattle breeding and Magnatum Pico, has always respected the land and its traditions.

The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan companies: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. Here you can find the best organic ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style such as Italian fresh white truffles.

2 reviews for Black truffle for a dinner with friends

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adam F.

    A great fresh truffle for a special dinner. What can I say.? and repeat!!

  2. John


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