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Aged Cheese Castelmagno DOP

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Seller: I segreti di Carla


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Hamper FO01-A “Castelmagno Cheese DOP” contains:

  • 2.75 kg Castelmagno DOP
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Aged cheese CASTELMAGNO from Castelmagno pastures – half cheese wheel

This aged cheese is produced in the municipality of Castelmagno with the milk from cows that are fed only on grass and hay from the same area.
The cheese wheel has a cylindrical shape with flat sides. The rind is thin and smooth with a reddish yellow colour in the younger forms and assumes a wrinkled conformation and a dark yellow-brownish colour with cheese ageing.

The compact, crumbly interior without holes is pearly white or ivory white in the younger forms, with a tendency to turn a golden yellow with the presence of blue-green veins as the cheese matures.

The subtle taste, delicate and moderately salty, becomes stronger and tastier as it ages.
The authenticity of the product is ensured by the presence of the mark embossed on each form and printed on the label that resembles the shape of an Occitan cross, ancient symbol of this region.
Carla’s Castelmagno DOP (Protected Designation of Origin – PDO) is produced with raw cow’s milk, rennet and salt; the maturing process lasts from 2 to 5 months and takes place in suitable cool, damp cellars in Castelmagno at 1,700 metres, so after this period the aged cheese can be tased and sold.

Even more popular is the pasture Castelmagno, made exclusively from milk supplied by cows that graze from 1,500 metres up to over 2,200 metres high: each form can change flavour and aroma depending on the flowers and the pastures where the cows graze and feed.

Designation: Castelmagno DOP
Net quantity: 2,750 Kg
Ingredients: raw cow’s milk, rennet, salt
Special conditions of storage and / or use: store in a cool, dry place, temperature +6°/+10 ° C
Produced and packaged by: I SEGRETI DI CARLA srl – Loc Col del Sol 18 – 12060 Bossolasco CN
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Allergenic ingredients : milk

Producing butters and cheeses

Once upon a time there was the Alta Langa Butter factory, a company dedicated to making butter and cheese the traditional way, guided by the great experience of Mr. Giovanni.  Today that company, now called “Carla’s Secrets” has grown thanks to Carla’s studies and her love for the work carried out by her father before her.

Her extensive studies, the experience acquired in the family company, her passion, determination and constant commitment have allowed Carla not only to continue her father’s business, but to bring his products to such a level of quality to be awarded the recognition of “ARTISAN EXCELLENCE” by the Piedmont Region.

Carla pays great attention to the choice of raw materials, which are carefully checked, she personally oversees all the processing phases of her small cheese factory and dedicates special attention to the details that characterise the maturation of her products.

The company’s core products are the “Burro del Pozzo” (butter once stored in a well), a unique and highly appreciated butter that is made from the cream obtained after carefully and thoroughly churning fresh milk, “Burro del Pozzo with truffle” and “Burro del Pozzo in water “where water was used as a preservative to isolate the product while maintaining its characteristics.

The “Very fresh” and “Fresh” cheeses are much sought-after for their extraordinary delicacy and variety of flavours .
The production of PDO cheeses and traditional Piedmontese cheeses, semi-matured and matured in Castelmagno (Grana Valley) and “cured” in Bossolasco, complete Carla’s range of products.

The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan business: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. Here you can find the best organic ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style such as Italian cheese… superfine.

1 review for Aged Cheese Castelmagno DOP

  1. Jason

    This is the true Castelmagno from Piemonte!..It’s very difficult to find. My favourite pairings are with risotto and honey. Really good!!

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