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Cold cuts basket for chefs

(2 customer reviews)

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Seller: Salumificio Benese


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Hamper SA011-E: “Cold cuts basket for chefs” comprises:

  • 800 g  Heart of cured pork loin
  • 800 g  Salami made with Barolo Docg
  • 1.5 kg  Golì with pepper
  • 500 g  Slice of cooked salami (2 packets)
  • 600 g  Walnut Salami
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-SA011-E-1 € 145
2 Hamper-SA011-E-2 € 265
3 Hamper-SA011-E-3 € 380
4 Hamper-SA011-E-4 € 480

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Sometimes when we go to the restaurant, we are offered a cold cuts platter, often containing different types of salami or cold cuts. They are chosen trying to make a sort of path among various kinds of taste: from the most delicate up to the tasty ones. This  is a best practice typical of chefs, and that’s why we decided to combine this deli meat basket, good as a gift or useful to offer a refined progression in tasting, with a super deli: the walnut salami.



This is a particularly lean and delicate salami, tied by hand and left to mature. It requires a slow and ful of cares ageing. Gluten-free, low in calories , it is suitable even for people who need to maintain a healthy diet.
Coming just from one piece selected meat cut, is an excellent salami to be eaten alone or, just as carpaccio meat, with a drizzle of extra virgin oil, lemon and slithers of Parmigiano Reggiano.


A tasty salami seasoned in Barolo wine to enrich the aroma. It adds a touch of class to any starter.


Golì is an ancient kind of cut that originates from the salting of the pork cheek. This meat cut is seasoned with spices and black pepper and left to mature slowly to obtain its decisive and unmistakable taste. A must-have ingredient on a typical Piedmontese and Itaian cold cuts platter, it is ideal accompanied with slices of mountain-matured cheeses and a mix of vegetables preserved in oil.


A classic sausage, typical of north of Italy present in every deli meat basket. Our cooked salami is known for the fragrance of the spices used. This cooked causage is combined with cinnamon and cloves, that add flavour to the finer cuts of meat like cheeks and throat. Prepared in a natural casing, it is s slowly steamed cut.
It has a typical flavour that is not too salty, a delicate spicy aroma and has a pleasant consistency on the palate. It’s perfect on a cold cuts platter paired with mixed sweet and sour vegetables.


To delight the most refined palates, this walnut salami is characterised by fine grain pork meat and the delicate aroma conveyed by the walnuts present in the salami mixture.
The refined combination of lean pork meat and first quality walnuts, the raw meats and the artisanal preparation make this salami suitable for the most demanding palates.
And it’s excellent as an aperitif paired with  fresh cheeses.


Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper SA01-A, selecting the tab “Production”.

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2 reviews for Cold cuts basket for chefs

  1. Robin

    It’s really the Chef’s hamper. A good choice.

  2. R. V.

    Extraordinary hamper…nothing to cook, just salami and cured meat to cut and eat. IFJ has chosen good delivery service too.

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