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Chocolate Pralines for all tastes

Cioccolateria Croci
Code: Hamper-DL01-B
Weight: N/A

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 37.00 179.00


Hamper DL01-B “Chocolate Pralines for all tastes” comprises:

  • 400 g Dragées chocolates in a tube
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-DL01-B-1 € 37
2 Hamper-DL01-B-2 € 73
3 Hamper-DL01-B-3 € 108
4 Hamper-DL01-B-4 € 144
5 Hamper-DL01-B-5 € 179

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DRAGÉES with hazelnut, candied peel, sultanas and coffee beans

Precious pearls of chocolate, these Dragées are a continuous temptation for the palate.
Each pearl offers different sensations thanks to the skilful combination of fruits and the type of chocolate that covers it: dark, milk or white on top of a crunchy hazelnut; rigorously dark with candied orange, sultanas and coffee beans.


Chocolate – Dragées chocolates
Designation: Dragées
Net quantity: 400 g
Ingredients: sugar, Piedmont hazelnuts IGP, cocoa daugh, milk powder, cocoa butter.
Emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour.
Gum arabic and gum coating.
Special storage conditions: Store in a fresh and dry place, away from direct light.
Produced and packaged by: Bruno Croci, Via Principessa Clotilde 6/A 10144 Torino
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see label
Shelf life: see label
Allergenic ingredients: milk, hazelnuts and soy lecithin

Nutrition facts
Average nutritional values x 100g:
Energy: 543 Kcal/ 2273 KJ
Fat: 38.8 g of which saturated: 11.6 g
Carbohydrate: 40.6 g of which sugar: 39.0 g
Protein: 7.17 g
Salt: 0.0044 g

Croci’s Choccolate Shop

The workshop was founded by Gualtiero Croci and his wife Rosa in 1930 in Turin in Via Principessa Clotilde 6/A. Today the small workshop still produces and sells its chocolate products. The company, founded as a confectionery and pastry shop, bases its production on the quality and authenticity of its products.

In the fifties Bruno Croci, the current owner, begins working alongside his father. Thanks to what he learnt from his father, Bruno is able to follow in the family tradition. After a number of years, Bruno Croci decides to focus exclusively on the production of pralines and chocolate Easter eggs.

Currently, Federica and Guido Croci, grandchildren of the founder, work in the company. They are continuing in the family tradition by putting into practice the lessons handed down by their father and grandfather in the continuous search for quality and authenticity, as well as finding new ways to combine chocolate with spices such as cinnamon, chilli pepper, curry, tandoori, ginger and turmeric.

All the products of “Cioccolateria Croci” do not contain vegetable fats other than cocoa butter. Even the praline fillings do not contain vegetable fats, except for cocoa butter, not even cream or butter, as they are made with sugar and glucose syrup. When hazelnuts are required in the recipe, only the Tonda Gentile  hazelnut from the Langhe region is used, purchased whole and toasted.

The uniqueness of the Croci chocolates is immediately appreciated: the fragrance of the chocolate and of all the fillings heightens the pleasure even before tasting them, thanks to the care taken in producing every single chocolate. All the production phases are carried out manually and the methods used have remained the same since the beginning of the XX century, as handed down by Gualtiero Croci, in order to obtain the same quality.

The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan companies: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. Here you can find the best  ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style such as pralines and sweeties.










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