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Italian deli meats with Barolo wine

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Seller: Salumificio Benese


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Hamper SA01-A: “Italian deli meats with Barolo wine”

  • 800 g Heart of cured pork loin made with Barolo Wine Docg (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin)
  • 1.5 kg Golì with Barolo Docg
  • 800 g Salami with Barolo Docg
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-SA01-A-1 € 137
2 Hamper-SA01-A-2 € 244
3 Hamper-SA01-A-3 € 350
4 Hamper-SA01-A-4 € 450

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COLD CUTS COMBO, deli meats with Barolo wine

This is a particular basket of Italian salami. Italian deli meats made with the heart of pork loin, pork cheek this salami is skilfully cured,  aged in Barolo Wine Grape Pomace. Good as a gift box or for your personal deli tasting, it offers anyway an excellent “trio” of Italian cold cuts.


This is a particularly lean and delicate salami. Made with the heart of pork loin, this salami is skilfully spiced, tied by hand and then wrapped in Barolo Wine Grape Pomace for the whole duration of the seasoning process. Because it is gluten-free, low in calories and has a low salt content, it is suitable even for people who need to maintain a healthy diet.


Golì al Barolo, obtained from pork cheek which is adequately seasoned and salted, is left to mature wrapped in Barolo Wine Grape Pomace until it acquires its unmistakable fragrance and distinctive taste. It is one of the best Italian deli meats and to fully appreciate all its flavour,  we suggest use a deli slicer, serving this cut on a slice of toasted bread with a drizzle of extra virgin oil.


Originating from the best Italian pork meats processing traditions: through the careful selection of the meats and spices, the addition of Barolo wine in the mixture  and combining the expert knowledge of all the production phases. Our  Barolo salami, that does not contain gluten or lactose, is deep red in colour and each slice delicately conveys the unmistakable taste of the “king of Piedmontese wines”, Barolo Docg.

Salumificio Benese

Salumificio Benese was established in 1973 by the two brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Borra who, together with their friend Bruno Belmondo, set up a small butcher’s laboratory to process pig meat in the historic centre of Narzole.

Drawing on the experience gained in other pork sausage companies in the area and using only raw materials from the surrounding countryside, Mr. Gepe begins producing salami typical of the Cuneo area, Mr. Tonio produces boiled ham and Mr. Bruno, raw ham.

The success and the growing demand for their quality products convince Antonio, Giuseppe and Bruno to move to a larger production facility: giving rise to a fully-fledged company in Bene Vagienna, a few kilometres from Narzole.

Over the years, Salumificio Benese has succeeded in staying true to its traditions; it has been able to expand its product offer by proposing new flavours with a delicate yet strong character, such as the cold cuts that are made with Barolo Docg and Cervere leeks, authentic Italian deli meats.

Today, Salumificio Benese is a modern company with an efficient production line, that continues to select its raw materials with care and offer quality food products and genuine flavours.

The companies that have chosen this distribution channel are all family-run artisan companies: they produce the best high-quality Italian delicacies. Here you can find the best organic ingredients from Italy for cooking following the Italian style such as Italian Barolo wine salami.

1 review for Italian deli meats with Barolo wine

  1. Harry M.

    The right hamper for my banquet…Barolo flavoured!!

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