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Salami basket for snacks

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Seller: Salumificio Benese


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Hamper SA011-F: “Salami basket for snacks” comprises:

  • 300 g  Fennel Sigaro salami
  • 300 g  Langhe Sigaro salami
  • 300 g  Truffle Sigaro salami
  • 500 g  Bocconcini (small salami)
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-SA011-F-1 € 55
2 Hamper-SA011-F-2 € 93
3 Hamper-SA011-F-3 € 120
4 Hamper-SA011-F-4 € 165
5 Hamper-SA011-F-5 € 200

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Soft salmi from Italy

These salami are known as soft salami and they are used to create salami snaks, appetizers and more delicious combinations with bread, olives, grissini (thin stiks of breas dough), that’s why we have decided to create this salami basket.


Sigaro salami, a salami with the shape of a cigar,  is produced with selected meats from the Cuneo area. Salumificio Benese produces its Sigaro by enriching the mixture with particular ingredients and spices that you will find in our salami basket.
Sigaro Fennel salami has an intense flavour of wild fennel. To enrich the flavour Black pepper, mace and garlic are some of the ingredients that enriche this salami. The addition of truffles makes possible to age the truffle Sigaro, a particular salami for more refined palates. For those who prefer the stronger taste and full-bodied flavour of chilli pepper, we suggest the spicy Sigaro salami.


These are small salami characterised by a fine grain and a sweet and delicate flavour. An authentic product prepared using the best pork processing methods to give a soft salami. A perfect salami snack at any time of the day, it is sweet and fragrant with a unique flavour.


Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper SA01-A, selecting the tab “Production”.

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1 review for Salami basket for snacks

  1. S. O.

    The small Bocconcini…are more than a tasty snack.

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