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Pork meat Slinzega with orange

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Seller: Salumificio Gamba Edoardo


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Product SA021-H “Pork meat Slinzega with orange” contains:

  • 400 g Pork meat Slinzega with orange
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Net quantity:  400 g
Ingredients: Pork meat (from Italian breeding farm), salt, spices, wine (2%), juice and orange peel (2%), flavors.
Product Description: the product is prepared with beef meat from Italian breeding farms, carefully trimmed, brined, spiced, and matured following Gamba’s Traditional Recipe.
Slinzega is very high in proteins and is easy to digest. Its color is dark red, and it is completely lean.
Product preservation: the max temperature is 2 ÷ 12°C if in natural casings or in micropierced bags while is 0 ÷ 4°C if in vacuum-packed. The shelf life in vaccum-packed is 150 days since date of packaging product while the shelf life is 60 days since delivery in micropierced bags.
Product use: the absence of nitrites may give a darker color to the whole product or to the first slices of it if the product is cut and then stored in a refrigerator. Once the product is cut it is best to wrap a dry cloth around it and store it in a refrigerator at 0°C– 4°C.
It is best to take the product out of its vacuum packaging one day before its consumption and leave it in a cool (max 10/14°C) and dry (preferably hung) place or in a refrigerator at 0°C– 4°C.
Produced and packaged by: Salumificio Gamba Edoardo, Via G. Mazzini n° 105 – 24018 Villa d’Almè Bergamo, Italy Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Allergenic ingredients : absence of GMOs, gluten, milk-derivatives, nitrites, nitrates, nor any other preservatives and/or antioxidant

Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper SA021-A, selecting the tab “Production”.


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