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Precious rices

 42.00 119.00

Cascina Canta

Code: Hamper-PA02-D

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Hamper PA02-D: “Precious rices” contains:

  • 2 Kg Semifinished Maratelli rice
  • 2 Kg Carnaroli rice
  • 1 Kg Whole red Sant’Eusebio rice
  • 1 Kg Semifinished red Sant’Eusebio rice
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-PA02-D-1 € 42
2 Hamper-PA02-D-2 € 80
3 Hamper-PA02-D-3 € 119

Prices VAT/taxes included.
The food is shipped in order to reduce costs and to dispatch the goods in the best possible condition.
Normally for multi-week duration windows, orders collected from Monday to Sunday are shipped the following Tuesday, so that fresh foods are packed shortly before shipment.
Couriers usually deliver in 48/72 hours.

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This kind of rice was identified directly in the field by Mario Maratelli in 1914, and it was registered in the National Register of Commercial Varieties of Rice: from that moment Maratelli rice became one of the most cultivated and appreciated rices.

Carnaroli rice is ideal for risotto for its excellent ability to bind aromas and seasonings, releasing the right amount of amylose to create the desired creamy texture and to enhance the flavour. However, it can be used in any preparation and is perfect even for less experienced cooks.

This kind of rice was selected directly in the field by Eusebio Francese, from which it takes its name, and belongs to the Japonica variety. What distinguishes this rice is its high content of assimilable iron and anthocyanins present in the outer skins, responsible for its colouration and high antioxidant capacity. It is suitable for risottos thanks to its delicate, almost sweet taste.


Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper- PA02-A, selecting the tab “Production”.

1 review for Precious rices

  1. Debbie

    A good mix to create each time a different dish

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