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SABA – Cake topper

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Seller: Acetaia Ferretti Corradini


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Product AC01-C  “SABA – Cake topper” contains:

  • 250 ml SABA – Sciroppo d’uva
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SABA MUST – Grape syrup

Saba is an ancient dressing obtained from a must of grapes that are produced in the suggestive hills of Reggio Emilia.
This must is cooked directly over low heat up to an evaporation of about a third of the initial volume.
It contains no preservatives, thickening agents, caramel and added sulphites: a perfect cake topper.
It is a typical grapes syrup of the traditional rural households, its sweet and characteristic taste makes this condiment ideal for cooking and decorating cakes.
We recommend it as a syrup for cakes to flavor cakes and biscuits, tasting it on yogurt or ice cream  and “panna cotta” (typical Italian dessert).
Saba also harmonizes with medium-mature cheeses or with a glass of fresh water as a refreshing drink.
In the past, during winter snowfall, people was used to pour this sweet syrup in a glass of snow thus making a tasty “granite” (mix of water and ice).

Designation: Saba – Sciroppo d’uva
Net quantity: 250 ml
Ingredients: baked must from Trebbiano grapes  (hills of  Reggio Emilia Area). It does not contain preservatives, thickeners, caramel and added sulphites.
Special conditions of storage and / or use: it is a very dense, rich in sugar, better keep it in an environment not too cold to avoid the formation of crystals inside the bottle.
Produced and packaged by: Acetaia Ferretti-Corradini, Via Pietro Fornaciari Chittoni 42122 Bagno, Reggio Emilia.
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Density at 20 °C:  1,36

The secret of the best Saba

The Acetaia Ferretti & Corradini has chosen to produce Saba exclusively from local white grapes from Spergola and Trebbiano vines that are typical of the Emilia hills, in particular the area between Scandiano and Albinea.

Saba is a sweet condiment that is used as a sweetener in the dough of different desserts, as an ingredient to prepare sorbets and refreshing drinks or simply to wet biscuits and decorating cakes. In the kitchen the Saba with its particular flavor has found a thousand uses: season vegetables and salads, enhance the flavor of many aged cheeses (unmissable pairing with Parmigiano Reggiano), to embellish a first course, to flavor a cut of meat.


Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper AC01-A, selecting the tab “Production”.


1 review for SABA – Cake topper

  1. Mode C.

    An excellent condiment for cheese and sweets!!

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