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Threads of saffron – Saffron sachets

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Seller: Azienda Agricola Giraudo



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Hamper  SP01-A  “Threads of saffron – Saffron sachets” contains:

  • A package with five sachets of saffron 0.1 g
Quantity Code n. Cost of the Goods
1 Hamper-SP01-A-1 € 32
2 Hamper-AP01-A-2 € 64
3 Hamper-SP01-A-3 € 95

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Saffron Threads ready your saffron recipes

The cultivation of this saffron is carried out in non-intensive work fields, using natural methods and also organic and biodynamic techniques without resorting to chemical treatments of any kind.
Harvesting, separating the stigmas from the flowers and the drying process are all carried out the same day, to ensure the highest quality threads of saffron. The saffron spice is dried in a hot air tunnel (maximum temperature 40° C.) to obtain a sweet-floral scent, maintaining all the organoleptic and medicinal properties: the delicate saffron aroma, with no smoky and toasted hints, makes these threads of saffron suitable for any saffron recipe.

Saffron Threads in saffron sachets

Designation: Stigmi di Zafferano
Net quantity: 0.1 g
Special conditions of storage and/or use: store away from the light, moisture and heat in order to preserve the organoleptic and medicinal properties.
Produced and packaged by: Azienda Agricola Giraudo, Via Michelin, 23 – 12100 Cuneo
Country of origin / place of origin: Italy
Production lot: see on the label
Shelf life: see on the label
Further information: leave the saffron threads soaking in a little bit of hot water for 4/12 hours; add to the dish during the last minutes of cooking.

Nutrition facts
Average values per 100 g
Energy 1297 Kj/ 310 Kcal
Fats 5.9 g
of which saturated 1.59 g
Carbohydrates 65 g
Fibers 3.90 g
Proteins 11.40 g
Water 11.90 g

Excellent Saffron produced in Italy

The Giraudo family’s farmhouse is located near Cuneo. A historic family that has made its traditions one of its  strong points. Today, the daughter Erica has brought a new wave of innovation by introducing new crops and processing methods. Some years ago, in the desire to go back to using simple and manual processes, to recuperate man’s ancient relationship with nature, the family decided to cultivate saffron flowers. This spice, that was well known for saffron health benefits has been used for thousands of years and thanks to its charm has been present in this region since the Middle Ages.

Cuneo Saffron, a project aimed at reaching the highest quality, has become the cornerstone of the family work. Today the whole production cycle is carried out within the company, starting from the cultivation of the native Crocus sativus Linneo (bulb) of which the company is a certified producer. Every year each bulb is checked and selected by hand to be re-planted in new ground, following the ancient techniques of rotation and, of course, nature’s rhythm. “Cuneo Saffron” combines only the excellent part of the production process with hand-farmed methods, to obtain the best quality, that explains also why sope people consider saffron expensive. Anyway saffron deserves to be the protagonist of your kitchen, just as it is in the life of this family. That’s why Italian Food Joy is a good place where to buy saffron.



1 review for Threads of saffron – Saffron sachets

  1. G.L.

    This saffron is really excellent and sachets are practical to use.

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