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Salami to suit every taste

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Seller: Salumificio Benese


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Hamper SA011-D: “Salami to suit every taste” comprises:

  • 800 g   Ancient tradition salami
  • 250 g   Boccetta salami
  • 170 g   Strolghino salami with truffle
  • 170 g   Strolghino salami with Barolo Docg
  • 170 g   Spicy Strolghino salami
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1 Hamper-SA011-D-1 € 60
2 Hamper-SA011-D-2 € 105
3 Hamper-SA011-D-3 € 145
4 Hamper-SA011-D-4 € 185
5 Hamper-SA011-D-5 € 225

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Salami basket for every taste

This basket of Italian salami has been thought for all the snack lovers, although is usually served as salami appetizer cut with a good knife or with a meat slicer, salami is an important meat deli in the Italian cuisine. Three kinds of salami in this salami basket for a cold cut trio:

  • The traditional hard salami tasty and a little bit spicy,
  • Rounded salami Boccetta, refined and without allergens
  • Strolghino, thin and small is a soft salami flavoured with truffles or Barolo wine.

Delicious as a snack, or even as a starter, it can be paired in many finger food preparations.


A skilful selection of cuts, seasoned with a careful choice of natural spices, blended with care and then hand-tied give rise to a coarse-grained compact salami, particularly tasty with a characteristic shape. It is suitable for everyone as it does not contain allergens.
Easy to slice, ideal as an aperitif with your friends served with a slice of toasted bread with butter curls and a bottle of white wine, either Arneis or Chardonnay.

Strolghino is a small salami typical of the province of Parma and Piacenza. You can find it in a true deli meat list.
The careful selection of pork meats and particular ingredients guarantee the tasty outcome of this salami.
After grinding the ingredients, the mixture is placed in the very thin gut casing which accelerates the drying process and allows the salami to mature in a short period of time.
The strolghino salami is very thin and has a delicate and sweet flavour. Best eaten when tender and must be preserved in a fresh and humid place to maintain its characteristic sweetness.
Salumificio Benese uses only Piedmontese meats to produce its Strolghino but adds a touch of originality to the mixture by adding the unmistakable flavour and fragrance of truffle, Barolo Docg or chilli pepper.
It is ideal for a tasty aperitif, traditionally it is cut into very thick diagonal slices and served with toasted or fragrant bread.


Discover more about the production reading the information into the Hamper SA01-A, selecting the tab “Production”.

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1 review for Salami to suit every taste

  1. Ruth

    Tasty and a little bit spicy salami… I love it, it’s my favourite starter.

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