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Wildflower honey from WWF Oasis – Alviano Lake

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Seller: Nectaris


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Product MI023-D  “Wildflower honey from WWF Oasis of Alviano lake”:

  • 300 g Wildflower honey from the WWF Naturalistic Oasis of Alviano Lake
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1 Product MI023-D-1 € 11.55
2 Product MI023-D-2 € 23.10
3 Product MI023-D-3 € 34.65

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Italian wildflower honey

This honey has a soft texture and is very sweet on the palate. Excellent with fresh cheeses.

Designation: Miele italiano millefiori dell’Oasi Naturalistica WWF del Lago di Alviano
Net quantity:  300 g
Special conditions of storage and / or use: store the product in a dry place away from light. Crystallization is a natural process of honey if you want a more fluid product put the container in a bain-marie in warm water without exceeding 40°C. Honey is subject to natural weight loss. Any presence of foam or wax fragments indicates the naturalness of the product.
Produced and packaged by: Nectaris S.r.l.s. Via Umberto Maddalena, 25-27 – 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM) Italia
Country of origin / place of origin: Umbria Region – Italy
Production lot: see the label on the jar
Shelf life: see the label on the jar

Nutrition facts
Average values per 100 g
Energy:  1333 kJ – 314 Kcal
Fats: 0 g
Carbohydrates:  78 g
of which sugars:  78 g
Fibers 0 g
Proteins: <0.5 g
Salt: 0 g

Botanical origin
DOMINANT POLLEN (> 45%): Trifolium pratense gr. 70%
POLLEN ISOLATED IMPORTANT (3-16%): Castanea 5%, Lotus 4%, Salix 3%, Rosaceae other 5%, Polygonaceae type 3%
POLLEN ISOLATED (<3%): Hedysarum 2%, Rosaceae Malus form 2%, Cornus sanguinea 2%, Rosaceae Rubus form 1%, Rosaceae fruiting form 2%, Vicia 1%, Galega type 1%, Lamiaceae form M 1%, Liliaceae 1%, Trifolium incarnatum 1%, Brassicaceae 1%
NON-NECTARIVE CHICKENS: Graminaceae, Quercus, Ostrya type
Note: Multi-flower honey with a prevalence of Clover

Organoleptic characteristics

COLOR: dull amber
CONSISTENCY: soft crystallized
ODOR: neutral
TASTE: very sweet
AROMA: of jam

Miele Nectaris – Ingredients in more languages

Discover more about the production reading the information into the Product MI023-A, selecting the tab “Production”.



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