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Italian cheese and butter

Back in time to the origin of Italian Cheese

Cheese is a fundamental element of European nutrition. During millennia of activity, breeders have selected the best races of cows, sheep and goats, adapting them to the environment in which they were raised. Italy in particular, from Sicily to Piedmont, from Puglia to Veneto, has very different environments and climates. For this reason, shepherds and cheese producers have developed a very wide variety of excellent milk products. Butter, cow milk cheese and goat milk cheese are the result of this ancient art and are perfect for a delicious cheese platter.
The Alps offer enchanting sceneries, unique scents and magnificent blooms, so cheeses such as Castelmagno are a delight for the palate and bring with them wisdom and hard work to offer these qualities to the best chefs. Butter and cheeses such as Tuma, often composed of mixed milk, are rather pleasant surprises that pair well with Italian wine and precious truffles of this region, maintaining a tradition that attracts tourists from all over the world.

I segreti di Carla

For those who love Italian cheese we have selected one of the finest producers, known and appreciated by many successful chefs.
Thanks to excellent products like Castelmagno DOP cheese and the superfine butters, “Carla’s Secrets” offers an explosion of flavors, ideal to satisfy the desires of all gourmets, such as the critic Edoardo Raspelli.

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