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Cured meats from Emilia

Cured pork meat, an Italian tradition

Italian culture has developed in many regions excellent foods by working the pork meat, an animal that was once so precious: in the early 1900s the meat for a whole family of peasants came from one pig that was bred and slaughtered during the year. The meat was to be treated and preserved. In Emilia has been developed tradition for salami famous in all the world: traditional Salami or Coppa (cured meat), but also Fiocco ham and “Culatello”, some cuts coming from the same part of the pork (the thigh). These are the most delicious products offered by this noble workmanship, and are considered Italian deli meats. Even today, the work is done by hand: the experience of the pork butcher and the ageing make the difference in comparison with the industrial production.

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Cuisine and cold cuts from Emilia

The Emilian cuisine is based on some ingredients and products that have made Italy famous abroad. In addition to egg pasta and meat sauce, many products derived from the processing of fine cold cuts of pork as Flake raw ham or coppa cured meat are always present in the kitchens of the best restaurants. Among the many dishes that you can taste while visiting Emilia, we have selected some that give an idea of ​​the potential offered by salami and ham produced in this region. Vegetable brick garnished with Flake raw ham: boiled and mashed potatoes are mixed with sautéed courgettes so that they lose the liquid part, then mix everything with salt, Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs and spices, putting everything in baking mold with the shape of a brick. Cover all with cheese and thin slices of Fiocco raw ham, grease it with a knob of butter and put it in the oven. Some enrich the dough with breadcrumbs. Fiocco and fruit: spread thin slices of Flake raw ham on a plate and garnish with raspberries and blueberries at will. The dish is consumed with grissini bread and a glass of sparkling white wine like Prosecco. Brandy Coppa: a Coppa salami slice of about 1 kg is sprinkled with salt, rosemary and a drizzle of olive oil. After browning the outside of the Coppa cut, the meat is cooked for four hours on a very low heat and turned every 15 minutes after being sprinkled with brandy liqueur every time. When it is half cooked, you can add garlic and thyme or laurel leaves. Serve cut into slices with the sauce in the pan.

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