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Italian extra virgin olive oil

Olives and oil

Oil is a widespread condiment in Mediterranean countries since antiquity. Particularly precious in the kitchen, it is a refined ingredient: the most precious product is the extra virgin olive oil. It must be obtained by cold extraction with mechanical methods only, at lower controlled temperatures at 28 degrees. The acidity of an extra-virgin olive oil must never exceed 0,8%. The best chefs personally select this ingredient that varies according to the type of olives and the place where the olive grove is located, this is the real olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is present in all Italian regions.

Italy, as you can see from the map, is very extensive and has different climates. For this reason, in the south we find extra virgin olive oil more dense and often with a spicy aftertaste, as in Sicily, or with high density and fruity flavors, such as in Molise or Puglia. In some cases the intensity of the taste is so high that a few drops are enough to give flavor to dishes like salad or fish. In the central regions instead we find more delicate olive oil balanced in flavor and permanence of the taste. Tuscany and Umbria  produce extra virgin olive oil, that can be used in any dish. There are regions that, like Liguria, combine the delicacy of the hills with the flavors of the sea. In this case we obtain an extremely delicate oil, suitable for the most refined palates. In the area of Garda Lake that is well suited to olive cultivation, is obtained a delicate and fruity oil.

Evoo, an ingredient for cooking

As you can read, there is not just one extra virgin olive oil, but many varieties with different aromas and flavors. For this reason Italian chefs use regional extra virgin olive oil paired with “0 km” ingredients to prepare local menus and evoo from different places when they want to amaze their guests. When you choose evoo try to be sure to buy DOP (POD) or PGI oil, which indicates certainty the origin and characteristics.


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