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Stuffed pasta

Pasta, an Italian tradition

Pasta has been produced in Italy since the Etruscans and the Greeks. The dried pasta was first invented: it was processed with wheat and other cereals flour added to water. The dough had to be worked for a long time by hand and flattened, then cut and finally dried. Only then in the Middle Age was invented stuffed pasta, which may contain meat, vegetables, cheeses and even fish pulp. These types of pasta have been invented in the northern regions, but it had quickly spread everywhere, known as ravioli. This is fresh pasta can be stored in the fridge for 10/15 days and isvery appreciated by gourmets. An excellent product needs a good egg pasta, and has to be stuffed with top quality ingredients. The most famous products are: Tortellini from Emilia, Agnolotti from Piedmontand Vegetables Ravioli, suitable also for vegetarians.

La Cucina delle Langhe

Thanks to an ancient tradition, handed down through many generations up to grandmother Maria, this small company gives us the possibility of tasting the stuffed pasta just like it was made many years ago. Only the freshest organic ingredients are allowed here, like eggs and vegetables and the best meats from Piedmont. With the traditional methods of production this small producer will bring to your table the best ravioli, tagliatelle and more: a special occasion to create new sauces or follow the classic and simple recipes of the Italian cuisine.


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