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Italian honey

The tradition of Italian honey

As many countries in the world Italy has developed a particular culture about honey. Although many kind of Italian honey may seem common, the geographical position of Italy gives a lot of opportunities for beekeepers. Italy has got a shape that reminds a sort of boot, from the highest alpine mountains, to the hot mediterranean climate of Sicily, passing through the hills of Piedmont and Tuscany, the Appennini mountain chain and a lot of coasts such as Liguria , Campania, Calabria. In all this areas live different species of trees and flowers, that have developed their own perfumes and characteristics. This has been an extraordinary occasion to make new beehives and try new tastes, different one from the others that makes Italian honey different from the ones made in other countries.

Apiculture Daniele Devalle

A great honey from a small honey producer. Devalle, with his limited organic honey production gives you the possibility to taste top quality honey. It’s excellent with cheeses and in a lot of pairings, energizing for breakfast, with alla the health benefits of honey. We suggest you to taste it simply on toasted bread with a little bit of butter.

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