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Hazelnuts cakes and Italian pastry

Pastry with hazelnuts

This sweet Italian pastry is based on two particular ingredients: chocolate and hazelnuts, it is no coincidence that Nutella comes from these lands. Baked sweets are a feature of these hulls, in particular hazelnuts cakes and kisses, that are little sweets as small as cupcakes made with cocoa, coffee or hazelnut. Even chocolate truffles are very popular and can be made with white, black or milk chocolate. Finally, the bakery cakes for the feasts are the classic Colomba cake for Easter and Panettone cake, for Christmas, with almonds, candied fruits and raisins.

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Hazelnut “Tonda Gentile”

This variety of hazelnut called Tonda Gentile, that means round and with a gentle taste, is the most valuable kind of hazelnut known. It has a particular shape: it is trilobed, offering a greater yield in terms of volume, filling completely the roundish shell without leaving spaces. Its main strengths are the nutritional properties: it is rich in lipids and “good” fatty acids, which allow to control of “dangerous” cholesterol for health. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, it helps slow down the natural aging of tissues. This hazelnut variety is recognized with the IGP mark, which indicates a protected geographical indication and can only be grown in the province of Cuneo. Tonda Gentile hazelnuts are so sought after by pastry shops and confectionery industries that often the demand is not satisfied by the offer of the producers. Who produce cakes and hazelnut pastries knows all the merits of the Tonda Gentile hazelnut: easy to roast, crystalline aroma with the right degree of flavor and oily components. Gourmets immediately notice it, this is why is so requested. It is excellent both for chocolates, that require large-caliber hazelnuts and for sweets like “brut and bun” made with cream and pieces of hazelnut baked in the oven, and these are just two of many products of hazelnut pastry.

Hazelnut flavor, from Piedmont throughout the world

The region of Alta Langa, the heart of the most valuable productions, gives to all the world this precious ingredient, valued and introduced for the first time by Turinese confectioners in the 1700s, to replace cocoa that can no longer be imported in large quantities from abroad for state reasons. This situation led to the creation of Gianduia, an exquisite blend of cocoa and hazelnuts, now used in creams, ice creams, pastries, chocolates and hazelnut pastries in general. If the “Gentle Round” hazelnut has given its contribution in creams like Nutella famous throughout the world, the pastry artisans have produced sublime sweets for adults and children. Today, Gianduja chocolate and hazelnuts are key points for obtaining top products ranging from creams to pralines, from cakes to sweets of various types and shapes. Gianduja is the symbolic character of the Turin carnival, who, a lover of good wine, lent his name to an exquisite blend. Today is a symbol of hazelnut pastry appreciated in all the world.


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