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Hazelnuts cakes and Italian pastry

Pastry with hazelnuts

This sweet Italian pastry is based on two particular ingredients: chocolate and hazelnuts, it is no coincidence that Nutella comes from these lands. Baked sweets are a feature of these hulls, in particular hazelnuts cakes and kisses, that are little sweets as small as cupcakes made with cocoa, coffee or hazelnut. Even chocolate truffles are very popular and can be made with white, black or milk chocolate. Finally, the bakery cakes for the feasts are the classic Colomba cake for Easter and Panettone cake, for Christmas, with almonds, candied fruits and raisins.

La Dolce Langa

Owned by Fabrizio and Barbara Giamello, La dolce Langa, is a small company with a pastry shop specializing in Italian pastry and is located in the renovated building of a famous pastry shop “Da Giusepein” that produced hazelnut cakes. This producer is famous for Italian cakes and pastries and the main product is “Bacio di Langa” (Langa’s kiss), distributed in the best food shops nationwide. They are also famous for “hazelnut panettone” (Christmas sweet) and “colombe” (typical Easter sweet).


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