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Italian rice

Rice in Italy

Nowadays Italian rice is widely used in international gastronomy. Italy, thanks to the quality of the crops, is the best producer of risotto rice. Anyway, rice does undergo a number of processes in order to be edible.
Then this cereal can be used to prepare a lot of rice recipes: appetizers and first courses such as the famous Risotto and soups, rice salads… All these dishes are possible thanks to many rice varieties with different characteristics of the grain such as length, width, thickness, shape, weight and consistency determine the behaviour in cooking and in the culinary performance of each type. A tender rice is suitable for broths and soups, conversely, a hard rice and is suitable for salads and baked dishes.

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Italian Rice from the Po river valley

Rice cultivation requires abundance of water and flat lands. This is why the cultivation of rice has developed in the valley of the Po river , the longest in Italy. The Padana valley is a huge flat area from Piedmont to the Adriatic Sea.It goes through Lombardy, Emilia, Romagna and Veneto. In this vast territory there is the “golden triangle” of Italian rice, between Vercelli, Novara and Pavia. Although it is also cultivated in other areas, such as in the Verona area, rice selected and grown between Piedmont and Lombardy in the area surrounding these three cities represents the excellence, that made Italian rice famous in the world. It is no coincidence that almost all the most famous varieties selected in Italy were born and cultivated in this area. Carnaroli rice, for example, refined and regal or rices like Arborio, Rome, Vialone nano (also widespread in Veneto), are today an invaluable heritage of Italian cuisine.

Risotto, the prince of dishes with rice

The typical dish that you will find in Italy is Risotto, rice cooked together with the typical ingredients of the regional Italian cuisine. Risotto is now widespread throughout Italy and offered in many variations based on vegetables, meat and fish in unmissable combinations. It’s not a difficult dish to cook, just look for a recipe reading one of the many blogs like Good habits & Quality foods and try to experiment yourself after choosing the most suitable rice.
Here is a brief description of some types of risotto that you will try in Italy. Risotto with asparagus and Parmigiano Reggiano, Risotto with Gorgonzola and prawns, Risotto with Barolo wine, Risotto with artichokes and sausage are just a few examples. You can also have fun with seasonal vegetables or prepare a simple Risotto with pumpkin or with fish combinations as in the case of Risotto with radicchio salad and salmon to end with Risotto with seafood or with squid ink. Rice lends itself to many pairings, that’s is why the chefs of the best restaurants have stopped using it as a side dish, leaving room for imagination. Now it’s your turn!Choose your rice and have a nice cooking!

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