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Italian rice

Nowadays rice is widely used in international gastronomy and Italy, thanks to the quality of the crops, is the best producer of rice for risotto. Anyway, rice does undergo a number of processes in order to be edible.
Then this cereal can be used to prepare a lot of dishes: appetizers, first courses such as the famous Risotto, soups, salads, desserts … but different characteristics of the grain such as length, width, thickness, shape, weight and consistency determine the behaviour in cooking and in the culinary performance of each type and variety.
A tender the rice is suitable for broths and soups, conversely, a hard rice and is suitable for salads and being baked. Choose your rice and have a nice cooking!

Cascina Canta

An old farmhouse built in the 16th century, Cascina Canta, run by the Francese family, in 2013 was nominated the trustee of the Maratelli rice seed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. Present at Expo 2015 and reviewed in various magazines, today is considered a small farming gem that still uses antique wooden machinery, thus preserving the quality of the rice.

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