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About the saffron flower

The saffron flower is made of violet-colored petals. The male part consists of 3 yellow anthers on which there is pollen. The feminine part of the saffron flower is the precious one: it contains 3 long, deep red “stigmi”. Saffron contains about 150 aromatic substances and is rich in carotenoids such as Zeaxanthin, Lycopene and other alpha-beta carotenes. The yellow-gold color, which the saffron spice gives to the foods, is due to the presence of a substance called α-crocina. Saffron is currently used by the food industry and in gastronomy as a spice to emphasize the flavor of foods or as a dye. In Italy the saffron rice, in Italy saffron Risotto, is a wellknown and classic dish.
The best saffron is obtained in controlled humidity rooms with high standard hygienic conditions and workers who wear clean workwear, and gloves. The packing must be made with appropriate materials to preserve the properties and aroma of this precious spice.

Azienda Agricola Giraudo

“Zafferano di Cuneo” takes origin from a precious cultivation of Saffron produced by Azienda Agricola Giraudo farmhouse. Many years ago the owners, thanks to their passion to travel around the world, decided to dedicate a specific area to cultivate this spice and through the years the brand has become renowned. This small business produces only top quality saffron flowers, that everyday many chefs… and many gourmets appreciate.

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