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About the saffron flower

The saffron flower is made of violet-colored petals. The male part consists of 3 yellow anthers on which there is pollen. The feminine part of the saffron flower is the precious one: it contains 3 long, deep red “stigmi”. Saffron contains about 150 aromatic substances and is rich in carotenoids such as Zeaxanthin, Lycopene and other alpha-beta carotenes. The yellow-gold color, which the saffron spice gives to the foods, is due to the presence of a substance called α-crocina. Saffron is currently used by the food industry and in gastronomy as a spice to emphasize the flavor of foods or as a dye. In Italy the saffron rice, in Italy saffron Risotto, is a wellknown and classic dish.
The best saffron is obtained in controlled humidity rooms with high standard hygienic conditions and workers who wear clean workwear, and gloves. The packing must be made with appropriate materials to preserve the properties and aroma of this precious spice.

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Dishes with Italian saffron

Saffron is a spice originating from Asia Minor, was brought to Spain by the Arab conquerors. In Italy, however, it was a monk who introduced it in the 14th century. Sicily, a land that has always been the crossroads of many cultures (it is situated the center of the Mediterranean Sea), was already producing this spice in antiquity. Belonging to the Crocus family, this flower is well suited to various climates. Saffron cultivation in Italy has developed in almost all Italian regions. Today the farms that produce saffron are over 300, mainly in small and medium-sized areas, that allow crop rotation technique, in order to offer a better product. If you want to cook a dish with saffron, here are three interesting recipes. Pumpkin and saffron cream: it is the classic velvety soup and it is necessary to use the blender, however you can add 10 cl. of cream, salt, saffron, mix well and serve warm after 10 minutes. Pasta with saffron and courgettes: choose the pasta you prefer and, while cooking, slice the courgettes in small stripes. Then, cook the stripes in a sauce and a pan with extra virgin olive oil, salt, saffron and garlic. Also use the courgette flower and do not overcook the vegetables, that must remain crispy (oil must be already at temperature). Pour the courgettes sauce on your drained pasta. Saffron chicken: cut the chicken in small pieces and make a marinate with garlic, oil, saffron. Put it all in a pan and make a sauté with rosemary and salt. When cooked, add a pinch of pepper. But remember: while cooking, use high quality saffron only!

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