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Italian sausage and cured pork meat

Sausage and raw ham from Italy

Italian culture in many regions has developed excellent foods by working the pork meat, an animal that was once so precious: in the early 1900s the meat for a whole family of peasants came from the pig that was bred and slaughtered during the year. The meat was to be treated and preserved.
For this reason, Italian cuisine is rich in tasty products that are considered deli meats today. Times have changed and Italy is no longer only a farmers country, but traditions live also nowadays, so that sausages and hams, spicy meat cuts, cured meat are seasoned in the air or cooked, immersed in wine and flavored with other precious ingredients. In a few words: a must-have culinary heritage. Taste this charcuterie meats to believe.

Salumifico Benese

Salumificio Benese is a modern company born from the family tradition. Besides salami they have specialized in cooked meat products and small special productions with Barolo wine and truffles. This producer is also running a breeding project with free pigs in controlled areas.

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