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Italian sausage and cured pork meat

Sausage and raw ham from Italy

Italian culture in many regions has developed excellent foods by working the pork meat, an animal that was once so precious: in the early 1900s the meat for a whole family of peasants came from the pig that was bred and slaughtered during the year. The meat was to be treated and preserved. For this reason, Italian cuisine is rich in tasty products that are considered deli meats today. Times have changed and Italy is no longer only a farmers country, but traditions live also nowadays, so that sausages and hams, spicy meat cuts, cured meat are seasoned in the air or cooked, immersed in wine and flavored with other precious ingredients. In a few words: a must-have culinary heritage. Taste this charcuterie meats to believe.

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Kings of snacks and appetizers

Although nowadays agriculture and breeding occupy far fewer people, in Italy the tradition is still alive, so that salami and hams are among the most sold foods, for many reasons. Young people buy them to organize happy hours, cooks in restaurants use them to create dishes and appetizers, caterers use these delicacies to prepare tasty canapés. At home they are served during the holidays or the Sunday lunch. One hundred years ago salami and hams were one of the few sources of protein and only the rich could afford meat, today we must keep an eye on cholesterol and seek the highest quality in what we eat. The best raw cuts you find in the most renowned restaurants come from some fine ageing, made using wisely spices, salt and fine products such as wine or truffles and herbs. Air and time give the final touch. The seasoning of salami and raw cured meats are a must for the aroma that you will perceive during the tasting. This is why PDO-branded products can be seasoned strictly in some geographical areas under precise rules.

Cold cuts for gourmand people

Among the many Italian specialties we recommend these three. Porchetta (roasted pig):  widespread in several regions, is made with pork loin, pancetta and rind to envelope the other two cuts. All this is prepared with salt and spiced herbs. It is baked in the oven on a spit, to ensure uniform cooking. The traditional salami: is made of raw pork cuts, mixed with salt and spices. It is seasoned in the into the pork gut, it matures hanging from the ceiling, so as to lose excess fat and obtain a stronger flavor. Pork loin: is prepared in salt and marinated in wine, put under spices and pepper which are a natural preservative. Local ingredients can be added during the seasoning. It is usually eaten with evoo (oil) and lemon and is served in very thin slices, is often paired with cheese and fruit.

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