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Italian truffle

Black and white truffles

We know that people love this tuber since ancient times. There are various types that grow in different seasons. It is famous for its perfume and the particular flavor that gives to the food. The most precious is the white truffle, typical of Alba in Piedmont, Tuber Magnatum Pico, which reaches very high prices during the auctions, with buyers from all over the world who spend tens of thousands of euros for these nuggets. Other truffles are highly appreciated, such as the white Alba truffle and the black Tuber Aestivum and Norcia‘s truffle Tuber Melanosporum.

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Properties of truffles

If the aroma of the black truffle and the precious white truffle from Alba are famous and paid for dearly, these are not the only properties of this family of wild tubers. The truffle, in its different species, produces antioxidant effects, useful to fight free radicals and make the skin and all other tissues elastic, giving an anti-aging protection thanks to high doses of vitamin C. All this while maintaining a high digestibility and offering high mineralization, thanks to calcium and magnesium. The truffle, however, is poor in vitamins and water, but fortunately is used to prepare many dishes that compensate for these deficiencies. Surely we are talking about a family of very special tubers, rich in noble proteins and antioxidants, which can be adjuvant in the prevention of some kinds of cancer, by lowering the level of toxicity of substances present in our body.

In ancient times as for saffron, aphrodisiac properties were attributed to truffles, however the scent of these tubers is not pleasing to all people. Certainly in kitchen it is used sparingly and we have to choose the right dishes to bring out the aroma in the right proportion, as the most famous chefs do successfully. Often, are the simplest dishes to be enriched by the truffle that gives its best in cold or warm dishes. However, all these benefits are related to two conditions. The first is the quality of the truffle: often shoddy products are found on the market. So if you buy fresh truffles we advise you to check the area of ​​origin. The second is the price: the black truffle is the cheapest and well suitable to many dishes, the white one is more expensive and has a very refined aroma. Both are high quality foods that are harvested only in season (not grown) and are difficult to find, so products will have prices correspondent to the quality of truffles you’re buying.

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