spicy oil bottle

Spicy oil: do it yourself

2 January 2020 Brian 0

Spicy oil, a traditional ingredient Have you ever tasted “penne all’arrabbiata”, the famous pasta dish or Calabrese N’duja? These are just two of the many dishes and ingredients present Italian cuisine. They share the presence […]

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020

18 December 2019 Brian 0

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2020 The staff of Good Habits & Quality Foods, food and lifestyle blog hosted by Italian Food Joy.    

luxury hotel room

Have a nice stay in your Healhty Room

10 October 2019 Brian 0

Your healthy stay choosing the right hotel room With the aim to make know the best of the Italian lifestyle, Good habits & Quality foods, beside lifestyle, cooking and Italian products, will dedicate a special […]

Annual food event poster october 2019

Anniversary Days 2019

30 September 2019 Brian 0

Anniversary Days Bonus Codes. Just for 2 weeks: 01/10-15/10/2019. Also this year IFJ gives the opportunity to buy the best Italian food at a discounted price. Many baskets are in free shipping too!! Take your […]

Original dishes for a gala dinner

15 July 2019 Brian 1

Gala dinner for professionals Last month I was invited to a special gala dinner. It was not a charity event, nor was it an anniversary dinner, but rather an evening for experts and professionals. Italian […]

Gluten free logo

Gluten sensivity and celiac disease

18 June 2019 Brian 0

Are you intolerant to gluten? In this lines you can read about people’s experiences about gluten and their adventures, trying to find new ways to eat with a balanced and gluten free diet.   My […]

cassata siciliana from palermo

A Sweet for life

20 May 2019 Brian 0

Sweets from Italy Whoever is visiting Italy immediately notices very different landscapes, climates and perfumes. All the Italian regions, from those near the Alps to Sicily, offer an unmissable variety of foods and flavours. This […]

original tiramisu

Tiramisu, the cake from Treviso

28 April 2019 Anna Mila 0

An Italian city living between art and food We are going to present a beautiful city with its cake, famous in all the world. So, if you love history, art and sweets, save your time […]