Roast Veal with potatoes

25 October 2017 Brian 0

A follower’s recipe for a classic dish.  Kalbsbraten mit Kartoffeln – Zutaten und rezept in deutscher Sprache in der Unterseite. This simple and traditional dish is widespread in many parts of Europe with countless variations. […]


Codfish Livornese-style

2 May 2017 Anna Mila 0

A simple dish from Tuscany for a tasty lunch. This is a typical Italian dish you can find in the Livorno area, made with simple and natural ingredients from the Mediterranean cuisine. Dorsch Livornese-Stil    Zutaten […]

Your dishes

Swordfish in bread crust.

25 March 2017 Anna Mila 1

This is the first dish selected from the ones sent by our followers. So you’ll find it also in the section Your recipes. We have to thank Janet, my follower and friend, who has provided […]