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We love partnering with others to create unique and relevant content for our blog or for your own brand or company. E-mail us at

Here are a few ways we can work together:

Brand Ambassadorship: we love to share products with our readers, creating long-term relationships with brands. This activity is always welcome.

Food Writing and Recipe Development: contents can be created in partnership for publication on this blog, or created for magazines, other websites or advertising opportunities. As a staff can create unique recipes that feature particular ingredients or products.

Sponsored Posts/Materials: If you have a brand we believe in and ideas about creative partnerships, let’s chat about how to work together. We love publish and talk about products related with foods and Italian style, such as tourism, hotels, leisure, cookery schools, cookware, design, fashion, sport, luxury and more…

Advertising:  We allow paid advertising, but never before checking that the advertiser is moving on our same wavelength about the kind of product and their quality. Opportunities for brand collaborations include advertising buttons, banners, reviews and giveaways.

Cooks & Chefs: we reach in many countries thousands of people thanks to and This let us to offer advertising, booking services and more for free lances cooks as well as cookery schools.

For everything concerning: affinity groups events, e-Book, Concept projects, videos, restaurant issues, conferences, contact us via e-mail at



  • Giorgio Barbero  – Chief Editor and Blog Director
  • Brian G. B. Tonelli


  • Giorgio Barbero
  • Brian G. B. Tonelli
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