Have a nice stay in your Healhty Room

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Your healthy stay choosing the right hotel room

With the aim to make know the best of the Italian lifestyle, Good habits & Quality foods, beside lifestyle, cooking and Italian products, will dedicate a special spotlight to “Healthy Rooms” present on the website hotelinsalute.com, a real guide to healthy hotels. They represent the best of the Italian hosting sector.

Following our readers’ interests, our blog will give space to excellent structures, hotels that have decided to offer to their guests one or more “Healthy Rooms”. These are equipped with special wellness standards that ensure maximum environmental hygiene, thanks to strict tests and a complete analysis ranging from allergy-generating materials up to the detection of electromagnetic waves.

The combination of refined food and quality of the stay is a real plus for all those who suffer from disorders related to the environment. These people have great expectations for the quality of their stay in Italy. This seems to us the best way to help them living unforgettable moments of tourism, tastings and wellness.

Giorgio Barbero – Chief Editor

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