Gluten sensivity and celiac disease

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In this lines you can read about people’s experiences about gluten and their adventures, trying to find new ways to eat with a balanced and gluten free diet.


My body warned me with gluten allergy symptoms.

Abdominal pain caused by seliac disease
After eating I suffered from abdominal pain…. caused by celiac disease

Robert 36 years old….

“For over a year, I felt everyday a constant sensation of weakness and lack of energy, often suffering from abdominal pain and sometimes I had digestive problems. I though these illnesses were due to the worries of my new job and especially to the changes in life habits, brought about by the arrival of my second-born Amy. I was sure that the cause of so much weariness and of those pains were stress, having stopped doing my daily sport… And the few hours of rest at night. So I was slowly slipping into a state of depression.


The night I felt bad I was returning from a dinner with friends, in a well-known restaurant. I had severe stomach pains and made it hard to get home. I called a friend who was a doctor too who knew gluten sensivity. He gave me the first treatment, helping me to spend the night and pushing me to go immediately to his colleague, a gastroenterologist. I was determined, I wanted to find out what was happening to me. Two days later I started a series of exams and among them the gluten allergy test, that led doctors to the diagnosis of celiac disease.”


Doctor read the gluten allergy test results
The doctor said…”gluten intolerance”

Why and how celiac disease?

The cause that leads to the condition of celiac disease is not yet known. Normally, the immune system acts to protect the body from invaders (viruses, bacteria) and external elements that can cause damage.


When a person is affected by the condition of celiac disease and eats foods with gluten, the immune system performs an abnormal function, forming gluten antibodies (hence the name gluten sensivity) attacking the intestine and causing some typical disorders of the gluten intolerance that we know as gluten sensitivity symptoms. If you have a doubt about be gluten sensivity, ask the doctor for information, only the test gives the answer.


A hard path towards awareness.

Robert goes on, telling his experience…

“Immediately I had fear of celiac disease, fear that this news could completely change my life, create problems for my family or force me to make sacrifices like to share moments of conviviality with my friends. On the other hand, I was happy to have found a cause for my continuous illness, I wanted to start feeling better and recover my physical and mental energy.

Father and son talking about gluten
Father and son talking about gluten

The worst thing I had to endure was the displeasure and guilt when they told me that my 6-year-old son the same genetic predisposition and therefore a good chance of becoming celiac. But luckily it was he who made me understand that I was exaggerating. The curiosity to taste new foods, to have a personalized menu at the school refectory and to explain to each of his class mates every detail of gluten sensivity and the diet led him to accept, without any difficulty, the new rules of the gluten free diet and for me it was a huge relief.”

Anna Mila

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