How to prepare a Strudel filled with chocolate and apples

Strudel is the typical home made traditional sweet. It has been considered a sort of flagship for all the cooks, because it gives the possibility to combine a high number of ingredients.

Apfelstrudel und Schokolade – Zutaten in deutscher Sprache in der Unterseite.

The recipe is simple but: while the dough, well known as puff pastry, is not so quick to prepare, everybody can easily think to a personal touch about the filling. It doesn’t matter the season: the choice is among many kinds of fruits fresh or dry, different sugar varieties… Chocolate and more ingredients will help you to find your new ideas!

The dough requires a few hours to be prepared, we have learned seeing more than a pastry chef, anyway there are four moments.

1.Kneading (using your hands)

We are sorry but gluten helps to obtain a better dough because keep it elastic, so if you use gluten-free flour, your dough will be more difficult to prepare. Now you have to prepare two different kinds of dough. The first is a sort of ingot made of butter and flour that you can mix and knead for some minutes up to obtain a regular consistency. Then give it a ingot shape and put it into the fridge for half an hour.

In the meanwhile you can spend your time preparing the soft dough (the second element), that is made with wheat flour, water and a pinch of salt. In this phase use your hands and let them work for a few minutes. Now make a dough ball, put in into a bowl covered with a cotton towel, and let it “sleep” for 30 minutes.  We suggest you to use high quality butters and flours only, to have the best results.



This is the most diffcult moment. With a rolling pin, try first to press the dough and pull, giving it a rectangular shape. This operation should require 3 or 4 minutes and is very important to obtain a homogeneous thickness. Then take the butter ingot from the fridge and put it into the centre of the rectangle. Cover it by folding the outer edges of the dough.


3. Pulling and folding

Now use the rolling pin to press and pull this new dough shaping it as rectangle again. Irregular shapes are difficult to work so the rectangle should be really accurate! Then try to fold it in 2 parts (one bent over the other), then wait 15/20 minutes and pull it again in the same way. This time you can fold it as a three parts leaflet, then wait 30 minutes and repeat the pulling, but now you should obtain a four faces leaflet. You can repeat this process one or more times; just remember that a perfect puff pastry requires an homogeneous thickness. Anyway, if you have no time …Buy a ready-made puff pastry packaging (the quality is not the same, but you can save time).


4. Filling

We decided to use basically apples and chocolate, so let’s start to peel and cut in thin cloves 2 or 3 apples, then is the turn of your favorite chocolate (dark is better). You can also use flakes or a cream, easy to spread.

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Give the puff pastry a rectangular shape and put the first layer of apples in the center of the pastry, add chocolate on top and then another layer of apples, add sugar, raisins and walnuts. Close the dough sheet well, folding the sides. Spinkle the strudel top surface with icing sugar. Bake your strudel in the oven at 180° C for 30 minutes.

Serve after a couple of hours.


Soft dough

  • Flour g. 300
  • Water g. 150
  • Salt g. 5

Butter ingot

  • Butter g. 400
  • Flour g. 100


  • Raisins g. 120
  • Walnuts  40
  • 4 tablespoons of chocolate (dark) ore chocolate cream
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar
  • A small glass of Marsala
  • Powdered sugar g. 50-70

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Zutaten in deutscher Sprache

Weicher Teig

  • Mehl g. 300
  • Wasser g. 150
  • Salz g. 5


  • Butter g. 400
  • Mehl g. 100


  • Rosinen g. 120
  • Walnüsse 40
  • 4 Esslöffel Schokolade (dunkel) erz Schokoladencreme
  • 6 Esslöffel Zucker
  • Ein kleines Glas Marsala wein
  • Puderzucker g. 50-70

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