Small ravioli with tomato sauce and thyme – Ranked 2nd

small ravioli

“Show us your best PASTA RECIPE”

Second position in the official ranking:  Samantha from Cardiff

Small ravioli with tomato sauce and thyme Deutschsprachen rezept

Basic ingredients : small sized ravioli

Ingredients for the sauce:

• 2 cups of small meat-filled ravioli (550/650g)
• a cup of tomato sauce (250/300g)
• ½ onion
• parsley
• 3 sprouts of thyme
• 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
• grated cheese
• salt

• 500 g kleine ravioli mit Fleisch gefüllt
• 200 g Tomatensauce
• ½ Zwiebel
• Petersilie
• 3 Zweige Thymian
• 3 EL natives Olivenöl extra
• Käse, gerieben
• Salz

This recipe is published with the sender permission and in accordance with the contest rules.

Enjoy your meal.

Anna Mila and Brian Tonelli

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  1. Unexpected 2nd position in the final ranking!! I’m ready to spend the coupon tasting something new in September. Thank you and See you soon!

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