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Seller - Edoardo Gamba


In 1880 Villa d’Almè was an important village on the road between Bergamo and Brembana Valley. In the main square of the village Giovanbattista Gamba started his business, selling cured meat products, then opened a tavern with his wife. Wayfarers could taste cured meat products and aged cheeses from the best valley cheese makers. Edoardo, son of the founder, developed the business. Then Celso, Giovanbattista’s grandson, contributed to improve the slaughtering and meat selling activities. Experience, tradition and old-fashioned values have been handed down for generations. Nowadays Claudia and Pierluigi Gamba, current owners, go on together, using the handcrafted tradition received from past generations as a basis to expand their range, improve their products and manufacturing processes. The “Gamba” brand is renowned for goodness and authenticity and it has received awards and certifications.