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Who we are

about002Our frequent trips around our country have led us to rediscover places where ancient culinary traditions are still alive, and carry with them the fragrances and flavours of the art of cooking with passion and with joy.

When you ask yourself who we are, think that we have savoured foods made with the simplest ingredients that the most capable hands have been able to transform into delicacies that satisfy the palate. Spending time to savour food products and ingredients has become a contagious emotion that has made many moments of our travels memorable.

We began taking home with us local specialities of every kind, like many tourists do, to continue to savour those flavours even at home. The subsequent step was the idea of sharing these culinary delicacies with friends, so that they too could experience the same emotions in tasting the best products Italy has to offer.

Italy’s sunshine, wind, water and land are what makes the taste and fragrance of Italian food unique, but if we combine the work of expert craftsmen with these elements we obtain the best food products that have made Italian cuisine famous throughout the world.
This is how our idea to set up this website came about.

We decided to exploit our experiences trying to select small producers of gourmet delights, family-run businesses, where all those who work there contribute in creating a quality product.
There are people who dedicate their lives to their company, protective of their knowledge and aware of having something so small yet so precious in their hands: artisans of food and taste, but first of all men and women who work with great dedication and passion. was set up with the aim of sharing all of this with you, to deliver to your doorstep the most genuine, refined and precious flavours and tastes that Italian cuisine has to offer.

Even those who are not partial to food, will appreciate savouring these delights.
Fall in love with Italian food and try sharing it… you won’t regret it!