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Italian Food for gourmets

Welcome to the marketplace devoted to Italian foods that puts lovers of good food in contact with small, top quality producers of authentic Italian food who have chosen so that they can be present in your Country.

You can purchase carefully selected products from people that make them following the Italian food tradition, directly from this website and without any intermediaries. These small companies (appreciated in Italy by chefs, food enthusiasts and gourmets) will ship their products to you once a week.


Italian pastry and hazelnut cakes – La Dolce Langa

Owned by Fabrizio and Barbara Giamello is a small company with a pastry shop and is located in the renovated building of a famous pastry shop “Da Giusepein”. The main product is “Bacio di Langa” (Langa’s kiss), distributed in the best food and wine shops nationwide. They are also famous for “hazelnut panettone(Christmas sweet) and “colombe” (typical Easter sweet).


Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan) – Caseificio Araldi

Araldi is an historic producer of Parmigiano Reggiano, known for the refined taste obtained in the various ages of the cheese. Present at Expo 2015, is often visited by foreign visitors as S. Sherwood of the New York Times that included Araldi in his tasting journey in Parma. Try it absolutely!

Italian rice – Cascina Canta

An old farmhouse built in the 16th century, CASCINA CANTA, run by the Francese family, in 2013 was nominated the trustee of the Maratelli rice seed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. Present at Expo 2015 and reviewed in various magazines, today is considered a small farming gem that still uses antique wooden machinery, thus preserving the quality of the rice.

Butter and Cheese – La Bottera

Bottera is a traditional diary that works by producing cheeses according to ancient recipes. The cheeses, made with cow’s milk and goat’s milk, bring us into the peasant world and smell of herbs and field flowers. The products of Bottera often have a decisive character and enhance the most genuine flavors of Piedmont, which are increasingly difficult to find today.