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Italian Food for gourmets

Welcome to the marketplace devoted to Italian foods that puts lovers of good food in contact with small, top quality producers of authentic Italian food who have chosen so that they can be present in your Country.
You can purchase carefully selected products from people that make them following the italian food traditions, directly from this website and without any intermediaries. These small companies (appreciated in Italy by chefs, food enthusiasts and gourmets) will ship their products to you once a week.

Italian pastry and hazelnut cakes – La Dolce Langa

Owned by Fabrizio and Barbara Giamello is a small company with a pastry shop and is located in the renovated building of a famous pastry shop “Da Giusepein”. The main product is “Bacio di Langa” (Langa’s kiss), distributed in the best food and wine shops nationwide. They are also famous for “hazelnut panettone(Christmas sweet) and “colombe” (typical Easter sweet).


Fresh stuffed Italian pasta – La Cucina delle Langhe

Thanks to an ancient tradition, handed down through many generations up to grandmother Maria, this small company gives us the possibility of tasting the stuffed pasta just like it was made many years ago. Only the freshest organic ingredients are allowed here, like eggs and vegetables and the best meats from Piedmont. With the traditional methods of production this small producer will bring to your table the best ravioli, tagliatelle and more: a special occasion to create new sauces or follow the classic and simple recipes of the Italian cuisine.


Fresh truffles – Tenuta Ronzano

The company belongs to a family of truffle pickers that currently runs all the activities. Thanks to the excellent quality of their White Truffles of Alba and Black summer Truffles, this small company participates to the most important international trade fairs. Ronzano have chosen to be a partner of Italian Food Joy with the best fresh truffles that are shipped 2-3 days, after harvest.


Chocolate and pralines – Cioccolato Croci

Founded in 1930 CIOCCOLATO CROCI today is still a small family-run company. Through the years the owners have always researched the most refined pairings with spices, such as cinnamon, turmeric, curry, tandoori and ginger. The production is obtained using cocoa butter only, without any vegetable fats. The main products are pralines, Gianduiotti and chocolates filled with wine. Chocolate pearls for sweet tooth.